Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My school lunch

Well this is embarrassing - I am unable to load today's photos of lunch. Come on blogger - don't let me down!

It has let me upload a picture of this mornings activity. I have signed up year 3 to take part in the one pot pledge. This is a great initiative to persuade everyone to start small but to start growing something they can eat. We have chosen to grow coriander - partly because it will be ready to eat in about 8 weeks. Do have a look at their website - there is some great stuff for schools.

After we had cleared up the classroom we took part in another initiative - "send my friend to school" This involved the kids learning about reasons why many children are denied the opportunity to go to school and what we in the west can do to help. The charity is asking children to make a world cup scarf to remind politicians to keep their commitments. Our school have decided to crochet a scarf and I spent a very pleasant lunchtime in Louise's Garden teaching eager children how to crochet. We have made a South African and Nigerian square to contribute to the scarf so far.

Lunch was great - more and more children are choosing to eat it despite earlier fears that children would not be persuaded to eat "healthy" food. There was roast chicken ( not organic but 'red tractor') it was such a contrast to earlier processed reformed muck we used to serve. There was fruit salad or freshly baked lemon sponge to follow. The vegetarians had mixed beans served in pitta bread with salad and vegetables.

The current political and economic climate means that local authorities and politicians are looking for easy cuts. We have come such a long way since 2005 when we began our fight to improve school meals we need to be eternally vigilant that we defend our children's right to tasty, healthy good quality school food.


Stephanie Wood said...

Hear hear!