Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Letter in todays Guardian (education section)

I had a comment I wrote on the Guardian education website published as a letter in todays Education Guardian.You can read it here

We have had huge amounts of support on twitter. It is very gratifying getting a message saying " Just written/emailed Gove"

I know it may seem like a small cut but it is vital we make our case for defending school meals for low income working families. We need to help the government to understand that school food has an important role to play in improving children's diet. All is not lost - if we can persuade enough people to write to Gove there is a good chance we can persuade him that extending eligibility of free school meals to ALL children living in poverty is a good idea.

I came across this very interesting blogpost on Lib Dem Voice Opinion: Progressives would not cut free school meals giving a lib dem perspective. It is well worth a read.

Once you have done that please click on Children's Food Campaign website to send a message to Gove. If you have already done this then please send the link on to your friends and family.