Friday, June 11, 2010

The Edible Playground

Have just recently come across Trees for Cities who organise an edible playground scheme.They are an urban tree planting charity which started in London in 1993, and now have projects across the UK, South America and Africa. Their core beliefs are that tree cover and green space promote healthy lifestyles and lower crime levels by creating more welcoming streets and parks. These encourage walking, cycling and a sense of community ownership, and discourage antisocial behaviour. They believe that most deprived areas of our cities are lacking these crucially important amenities that could make a considerable difference to crime, vandalism and obesity levels.

They identify absence of natural spaces in inner cities creates a lack of knowledge about food, its origins, and how to make healthy choices about what to eat, which is an especially important issue for today’s youngest generations, many of whom are not able to see food growing.

They held a special event launch event in Rotherfield Primary School yesterday with the very lovely Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins to give a hand with the planting.

You can support their excellent work by taking part in their online auction. Visit their website for more details

Some of the lots you can bid for include :Jamie Oliver’s back catalogue of ten books, all signed

· A meal at your home for ten people cooked by Tom Aiken, Michelin-starred chef of the Tom Aikens Restaurant, Chelsea

· A set of 100 notelets from Smythson, with an appointment at their salon to have them personalised

· Wines from the Palo Alto winery

· A tree planted for you at one of our projects, with a dedication of your choice


Joy said...

Fantastic! What a great scheme!