Saturday, June 12, 2010

Honours for Prue Leith!

I am absolutely delighted to hear that Prue Leith who was chair of School Food Trust has been awarded a CBE in Queens birthday honours list.

Prue is an amazing woman who has campaigned/badgered/pestered/lobbied tirelessly to improve the diet of the nations children. Her down to earth approach and emphasis on practical solutions really helped School Food Trust to establish "Let's get Cooking"

She is a charming woman, full of energy and ideas who has been responsible for a massive improvement in school food.

I am so glad that this is being recognised.You can read an interview with Prue here Think maybe it is time Jamie Oliver was also honoured for his sterling contribution.


Judith Christian-Carter said...

As an ex-Home Economics teacher who specialized in food & nutrition, I wish you every success with your campaign. If only the HMIs of the day hadn't sold HEc down the river back in the late 1980s I don't think we would have many of the problems which we have today.

Judith Christian-Carter

Jackie said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I was doing a PGCE when the take over by"technology" of home economics began. It was so predictable where it would end up. It is no consolation being able to say "told you so" because generations of school kids have now paid a very high price indeed. Prue understood this very well and used every opportunity to talk about the strengths of home economics teaching.

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