Monday, March 8, 2010

Please email Food Standards Agency today about traffic light labelling

Dear Food Standards Agency Board,

Food labels in this country are a joke. Reading labels is a weary business as the food industry often make wild and unsubstantiated claims for their products. The Great British public have been telling you for years that they would prefer a simple easily understood scheme which all supermarkets use. The traffic light system have proved the most popular and easily understood by consumers. Your own research backs this up, as does large surveys by Netmums.

I am deeply disappointed that you aren't standing by your own evidence. But it isn't too late. You have a board meeting this Wednesday morning. Please overturn this recommendation and stick with recommending traffic light labelling. Generations of children and shoppers will thank you for this!

Yours faithfully,
Jackie Schneider

Act fast! Can you send a similar letter to Lord Rooker via

There is an article from Telegraph here with a quote from Christine from Children's Food Campaign


Joy said...

All Power to your protest!

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