Friday, March 19, 2010


This post has nothing to do with school food but since Nestle have bullied YOUtube into taking down the Greenpeace video I thought I would add it here and encourage you to visit the The Greenpeace site where you can find out more. The video is quite horrific and is designed to pressure Nestle into changing their source of palm oil. I am no fan of Nestle because of their appalling record on selling babymilk in the developing world.Have a look at Babymilk action who have done a great job in tackling Nestle over this. I am also truly outraged that in this day and age they can still use child labour in their cocoa plantations. It appears that nestle fail to understand the nature of social media sites as they have now upset facebook users by replacing their hello and welcome message with an instruction not to use a Nestle logo or image! Interesting blog about it here.


Joy said...

Yay Jackie! I will put a link to this on my Facebook page.

Roy Murphy said...

Nestle, like a lot of brands, don't seem to get the Internet and in particular social media conversations and engagement. Making YouTube take down the video has exactly the opposite effect.

medve said...

Thanks Jackie, for your piece in the guardian. Unfortunately a lot of the posters just don't get it.