Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally Poplar Primary School gets a fully functioning kitchen!

Almost 5 years to the month we started Merton Parents for Better Food in Schools the last primary school in the borough gets its own state of the art kitchen capable of cooking school meals from scratch. This week pupils enjoyed freshly cooked meals rather than the reheated meals from Wimbledon Chase. The difference was most dramatic with the vegetables. Children who previously refused to take roast potatoes now were astounded at the taste and texture of the freshly roasted ones. The chocolate and beetroot brownies, still warm from the oven, were also a big hit.
Numbers of children taking the meals are growing which is causing a few headaches for school staff but a new hall which will allow school dinners and packed lunches to sit together should sort out the overcrowding problems.

We have a Merton Parents committee meeting tonight which is mainly focusing on the problems faced in secondary schools in the borough but I should we should take a moment to celebrate our sucesses in the primary schools. Many of the parents who campaigned hard for primary school kitchens will not benefit as there children have now moved on to secondary schools. let's see if we can get the secondaries sorted before their kids move on!


Jabulani said...

Congratulations!!! Oh I am so very green and jealous!

Our school has just built a "kitchen"... that's a posh word for 'place to store the steamers for heating the food that's coming in via the County's food providers'. I'm interested to see what the food's going to be like. Personally, I think it's going to be great on the taster night but then keeping it great may wane. Fortunately, as Vice Chair of Govs, I can drift into the school pretty much when I want, so I'm gonna choose a lunchtime one day to do it. Of course, the real bugbear for me is, because of an administrative cock-up (theirs not ours!), we only START to serve hot food at the beginning of the summer term. Yay for Good Thinking...or not *sigh*. I'm trying to maintain an open mind about this one so let's see where we go. Personally, I can't help edging towards the Realistic Pessimist. So far we have a handful of parents who've indicated their interest; I really, really hope the success you've seen is repeated for us. Otherwise we're going to be shutting the kitchen and it'll be back to packed lunches. Then 18 months worth of hard slog, sweat, tears, swearing, etc. will have been for nought. Grrr

Btw, chocolate and beetroot brownies?? Oh wow, can I please have the recipe. They sound fantastic!!

Joy said...

Such great news! And happy 5th anniversary!

Joanne Roach said...

Fabulous news! What a difference a freshly cooked potato makes! Well done.

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