Tuesday, March 16, 2010

People Power 2010

Sitting at the first SMK foundation conference listening to Kumi Naidoo, exec director of Greenpeace International. Thought I would try a bit of live blogging. He is talking about Copenhagan - brokenhagan, jekenhagan, copout hagen. Important lesson for campaigners was how power in the world has changed.
we have to recognise that campaigners MUST learn to work together. Intersectionality (ugly word I know) but thematically connected class, race and gender.

How do we divide our energies and investments with different level of gov. Think globally, act locally - this can be flawed if real power shifts globally you take yurself out.

Insider outsider balance. We have been duped by being invited to table. Difference between access and influence. WE have been invited as a token response
Why is it govs in rich countries were able to find trillions overnight to save bank but cant find a fraction of that money for poverty/climate change. Why did we let banks get away with it.

2 tribes syndrome - one fixed on domestic issues, the other on further away stuff. We must learn how to unite them !

Struggle for jusice are marathons not sprints. Biggest contribution is to commit to a lifetime of involvement.

Does our work matter? Are we making a difference? Yes - world would be worse place without resistance. Never give ip!

Tony Benn has just arrived.


Joy said...

What a great post Jackie! All those points ring true!