Wednesday, May 11, 2011

David Cameron visits a secondary school food tech lesson, meanwhile....


...Mr Gove has cancelled the very successful "Licence to Cook" project that would have seen every high school student recieve 24 hours of basic food prep and cooking lessons during their key stage 3 years. Schools have spent the last 4 years preparing for these cooking lessons with government money already spent on equipping classrooms and training teachers. This project has been quietly dropped with virtually no media coverage. Many cookery teachers have already lost their jobs.

For years health professionals have argued that unless we halt the decline of cooking skills then many people will feel unable to choose healthier freshly prepared food as they simple lack the skills.

The Children's Food Campaign has led a passionate campaign to keep our kids cooking. If you support it then please sign up to their email list


James Brewer said...

I think this is a disgrace! Look at other countries who place such importance of teaching children about cooking, such as Italy. They are much healthier and eat better.

If we don't teach these skills to children, what are they going to do when they are older - take aways, fast food and pre-prepared meals. Oh that's not what's going to happen, that is what HAS happened! If we want to change this - then we need to stick with this project.

get rid of toenail fungus said...

Teaching kids how to cook is a great thing to do.

Anme said...

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