Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Product Placement in the UK

Lots of charities and campaign groups have been horrified by the Ben Bradshaws recent announcement that he would like to reverse the current ban on product placement on British TV. This decision could see junk food being advertised in many popular family TV shows. A recent survey carried out by Redshift shows 91% of the public think children shouldn't be influenced by product placement. The government say that they will protect childrens programming but since children spend 71% of their viewing time outside of children's programming this will not be much of a safeguard.

The Childrens Food Campaign is planning to lead a lively campaign to persuade Mr Bradshaw this would be a big mistake. There will be a consultation announced soon. We need to get as many people as possible to take part in this so am racking my brain for some creative and imaginative ways as possible! I may be be looking for some help to create some giant junk food costumes some time soon!

Am currently working on a paper about this. Will put it up on the blog soon as I am done. It does seem ridiculous that there are armies of teachers/parents who are doing stirling work teaching chidren about real food only to have their efforts undermined by product placement.


Fi Bird said...

Yep, a big big mistake.Bonne Chance.

Lindsay said...

I wouldnt mind product placement if it was a big bowl of fresh fruit or some chopped veggy sticks or a jug of milk etc etc, the rest could potentially disasterous! If you need help with your paper let me know.