Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Danone stopped from advertising!

The Advertising Standards Authority have announced that Danone is no longer allowed to advertise its children's yoghurts as "scientifically proven to help your kids defences". It is difficult enough for parents to work out what to feed their children without the food industry making false claims for their products.

The ASA ruled that claims by Danone that their yoghurts could help protect against illness were not supported by evidence. The studies that the company were using did not back up their claims.They have ruled that the advert is "misleading and broke rules in relation to evidence and accuracy in advertising.

It is not the first time they have been told this. back in 2006 the company were forced to pull an advert for making the claim " Actimel helps to support their natural defences" In 2008 the ASA upheld 2 complaints that Danones's website did not provide full consumer access to the scientific studies referenced in its adverts.

Looks like the sight of the actimel bottle skipping to the cheers from children will not be seen on our screens for the time being

Well done to the Advertising Standards Authority who have put the needs of children and their families above the needs of the food industry to make more profits. Now what about tackling some of those dubious health claims on the front of sugary breakfast cereals and on those so called energy drinks?


Ruth said...

Hi Jackie

Just came across your blog when looking for more info on the latest Actimel ad pull.

As a marketer looking to switch into a food brand role, I am taking more of an interest in the consumer view on how food is marketed and I find your views on this subject very interesting.

My original view was that Danone wouldn't be able to make those claims without having the evidence to support them, but your perspective shows that it's about getting the right balance and big companies such as Danone have a responsibility to inform without misleading the consumer.

Great blog and I will now be following you in Twitter!