Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Real food education

I was contacted at The Children's Food Campaign by Action for Rural Sussex. They have started a fantastic project to get more local food into the classroom.They arrange for secondary schools to visit local farms to see how produce is grown/reared and talk to farmers. The school then takes produce back to school to cook as part of DT lessons. The charity do all the hard work - they find the farms, meet the farmers, prepare health and safety assessments, brief the teachers, sort out worksheets, fund the transport and the farmers costs and then the schools are free to get on with the improtant task of teaching the children. They have completed a pilot and got very positive feedback from teachers and students alike.They have sucessfully created relationships between cookery teachers and farmers that previously didn't exist

I think that once schools take part in this it is easier for them to organise it for themselves the next time round.

The challenge now is for them to get a lottery grant and to find some match funding. i am really hoping to find out more about this wonderful scheme because I think it could be a blueprint for all secondary schools. We stand little chance of getting young people to reevaluate their diets unless we begin to equip them with the skills they need to do so.


Anonymous said...

That's so cool that they're starting that with secondary schools! It seems like any school nutrition changes around here are only going on with the elementary level.
I hope they're able to get the lottery grant and matching funds.