Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The future for Merton Parents

Just getting ready to head off to our strategy day. The committee of Merton Parents all have busy lives juggling family commitments, work, as well as being on PTAs,school governing bodies etc. It can be difficult to develop a clear vision of where we are going when we are running around reacting to different events. Therefore we have planned today so that the committee can spend a day together to focus on our strategy for the next year. We are living in such uncertain times, both politically and economically we need a clear vision of what we want.

We have a great facilitator, Denis Cummings, who is going to help us clarify our aims. Up for discussion are:

assessing what we have achieved so far
our strategy for change in the secondary schools
a recruitment strategy
national campaigning

Before I finish I would just like to ask anyone who has a spare minute to look at the Children's Food Campaign network. I have posted about it before but basically it is a site for food campaigners and parents who are concerned about all aspects of childrens food. It is early days for the network but we need anyone who feels passionately to sign up. It is vital our voices are heard if we are going to turn the tide on the food industry and put the needs of our children first. Many parents are looking to us to give a lead so please if you have strong views about what we need to do to improve our childrens access to good food please register, set up a group, put a link to your own website/blog etc. It is going to take the combined efforts of all of us!

Your feedback would be hugely appreciated.This is a very steep learning curve!


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