Monday, June 15, 2009

Banning kids from restaurants

Slightly off topic post as it is not about school food but it does concern children and food.

What do you think of restuarants policy in banning children?

Read this account by journalist Jon Ronson of his attempt to visit a restaurant in the Isle of Wight with his 8 year old son in tow.

Be sure to read the comments by readers below the article. Lots of anti child hysterical out pourings. The most vitriolic and offensive have had to be removed.

I don't get our attitude to children.Yes, they can be a pain and yes of course they need boundaries but they do get a raw deal in this society.


Stephanie Wood said...

Goodness - how very depressing (particularly the comments). I thought this anti-social behaviour (the restaurant owners, not the children!) was restricted
to a small fishing village in Cornwall, which boasted not one, but three 'no children' establishments! I should scream and shout about this, but it just makes me want to go and live in Greece where they get that children are an integral part of any family gathering!

Maisie said...

How on earth are children supposed to learn about cultural dining out and socialising over food, if they can't be introduced to them at an early age.