Friday, April 24, 2009

Visit from "Angry Mom" Amy Kafala

Just a very qucik post about yesterday!

Amy Kafala who is the filmmaker behind "Two Angry Moms" spent the day in London descbring how she was able to create a parent movement in the USA that took on the food companies, school bureaucracies and caterers in order to improve school food.

It was a long day! We started with 2 appearances on BBC Breakfast news. There was a round table summit hosted by The School Food Trust, with representatives from 15 different UK parent groups.

Next was a hurried meeting for Amy with Jamie Olivers team who are scoping out an American show. After that we met with Prue Leith who is passionate about parent power and so was keen to pick Amy's brains.

Finally we went to Wimbledon odeon where we showed the film to an audience of parents, teenagers, some trade unionists and food campaigners. Amy then led a Q and A session.

I will post later in more detail about the themes that emerged from the dya but not now as I am about to take Amy on a whirlwind tour of some local schools.