Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Childrens Food Network

Working for the Children's Food Campaign, Christine and I have been developing a new social networking site for anyone who wants to see improvements in childrens food.

If you are frustrated by the reluctance of your school to get rid of prison trays, if you want advice on how to twin with a local farm or maybe you are looking for examples of governing bodies who have dramatically improved school dinners then this is the network for you!It is called the Childrens Food Network

The threat to our children's health from a poor diet has never been greater. We can't rely on marketing campaigns such as change4life and glossy health promotion leaflets to make the changes we need. There are parents, teachers, governors and campaigners up and down the country who are doing remarkable work such as setting up school gardens, introducing good cookery lesson and improving school dining rooms. We need to highlight their work so that we can show more cautious headteachers and local authorities that it can be done.

Many parents tell me that they feel isolated within their own school community and it is difficult for them to make changes on their own. Our network is intended to help them feel less isolated. Once we start signing up members we may be able to form all sorts of groups who can support each other in local areas. The possibilities are endless!

This won't work without you though! We need you to share your experiences and to help answer some of the questions raised. Please have a look and tell me what you think! The address is hhtp://

I should be on BBC Breakfast tomorrow talking about this - listen at around 7.40am or 8.40am.