Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prue Leiths leaving party

This is picture of Prue with Ed Balls MP and Judy Hargadon, Chief Exec of the School Food trust taken at a reception at the DCFS Tuesday night. There were lots of people gathered to say goodbye to Prue. Food was served by children from a local lets get cooking club. This was espcially poignant since Prue was so instrumental in the sucess of Let's get cooking.
Ed Balls made a great speech praising Prue's passion and committment. In response Prue gave a passionate and committed speech reminding us all why school food is so important and urging us on to greater achievements. She took the opportunity to remind everyone to be vigilant in stopping the promotion of junk food to children, warning everyone that the huge marketing budgets of some companies could threaten to undo all the good work she had been involved in.
It is incredibly sad to see Prue go. She has one more board meeting to chair and we are expecting her sucessor to be named next week.
Prue is going to be a hard act to follow


Glenland Ladybird said...

Prue is a great loss but what an amazing start she has given the campaign. Best wishes to here successor