Sunday, November 8, 2009

New website

We have been working for a while on updating the Merton Parents for better Food in School website. It is now respectable enough to be seen but still needs some work! Plaese have a look by clicking here and then give me your feedback.

The original website was done by Angus Deuchar. He had children at Holy Trinity and came forward at one of our early meetings to offer his services. He very modestly offered to set up a website for us, "unless we could get someone else better to do it" His kind offer led to him spending hours and hours at his computer and nearly 4 years as a committee member. His work on the website was a crucial weapon in the early days of spreading our campaigning to all of the Merton schools. The existence of the website meant that we had a huge number of journalists on national papers following our progress. We would never have got the coverage we did without Angus. So big, big thank you! I am so sad to see him stand down from the committee and appreciate all his hard work.

The new website has been designed by Juliet Blackledge who also designed our lovely Merton Parent logo.