Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Green Wing writer stands up against product placement

Thank you for the feedback on yesterdays post. Turns out I need to go back to the drawing board re the vlog and sort out sound levels!

Meanwhile I wanted to tell you about a blog I found from the writer of The Green Wing. Turns out he thinks product placement is a horrible idea. please read his original post here.

I contacted him after reading this and he very kindly blogged again on the subject directing people who object to the Childrens Food Campaign website

This campaign has brought me into contact with all sorts of people I wouldn't normally meet. Whilst cooking dinner I got a call from the US Guild of Writers. They are bitterly opposed to product placement as they have first hand experience of the interference and pressure it brings. They are very kindly going to give us a statement about their experiences and encourage everyone to oppose it.

I know this seems a long way from school dinners but one of the big problems we have is the pernicious affect advertising has on childrens expectations of food. If children are constatntly bombarded with marketing and advertising for high fat, salt and sugar foods we shouldn't be surprised that good food education and health promotion iniatives such as Change 4 life fail to get through.

Am teaching in school tomorrow so will post some new pictures of school dinners.