Saturday, September 19, 2009

Notes from a hospital bed

Have just discovered this blog, Notes from a hospital bed, about hospital food. Some poor journalist has been struck down with a dire disease which means he is forced to endure a lengthy hospital stay. He is posting photographs of the meals. It is really worth a look.


Joy said...

Thanks for passing this on! A great link!

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Yes, it's a real bonus blog - well worth a visit for a laugh!

BTW, how are things back in Morden, Jackie? I went to school there (Garth and Malmesbury schools), but managed to escape from the St. Helier Estate a good while back. I still visit my parents there, though, when I can - I live a good few thousand miles away now.

Jackie said...

Garth has now become Bishopsford and Malmesbury has changed from being a middle school to a primary school.

There has been a recent consultation on Morden. Too many pound shops/charity shops/traffic lights seems to be most common complaints.

The council did have a go at selling off part of Morden Park to a commercial football company who would then rent it back to us at £60 an hour for a pitch. A lively poster campaign and protesting residents has thrown a spanner in the works and they appear to have backed down.

I was interested you mentioned Libya on your blog. Have you been to Tripoli recently? My Mum is planning to visit in a few weeks. Any top tips?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Top tips? Avoid Tripoli. Avoid Libya!