Friday, September 11, 2009

Fresh food v frozen food

There is a report in todays Telegraph that frozen food can be more nutritious than fresh food. Researchers from Sheffield Hallam University have decided that "frozen food could be more appropriate for school dinners because it creates less waste, is cheaper and more readily available"

The objection I have to have frozen food is that the majority of it is heavily processed. I have no worries about having the meals supplemented with portions of frozen veg but I do not want a return to industrially produced frozen pies, reformulated meat products, high fat pastry products etc - however cheap and easy it is for the caterers. Yes, by all means let the cooks cook double quantities to freeze and make the most of surplus tomatoes and berries - but please spare us the frozen ready meals.

Surely cooking food from scratch, using where possible seasonal and local ingredients is the best model for all food production?


Joy said...

I agree! Cooking from scratch with local seasonal food HAS to be better than thawing frozen foods! It tastes better for one! And the texture is better for two!

Maisie said...

This has been my bugbear with our hot dinners, I serve them up (we bring them in - small village school with no facilities), last year you could visably see the veg was frozen; even down to the uniform dice of the swede and carrot.

But I'm happy to say that since we started back this week we have had fresh vegetables which are in season.

Anonymous said...

i do not like frozen food at all, just look at all the bad stuff in them.