Friday, January 9, 2009

Is there anyone there?

Christmas chaos has meant that I have got out of the habit of blogging. Sorry if you have been looking!

My exciting news is that I have just started work for Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming. A generous grant from the British Heart Foundation has allowed them to employ me and Christine Haigh as joint children food campaign project officers.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join up my work on school food with the wider issues of children's food.

Christine and I are really keen to explore the possibilities of building a network of parents and carers who are keen to campaign alongside us for the changes we need to ensure our children have the chance to enjoy good food, opportunities to learn how to cook and grow and protection from junk food advertising and aggressive marketing campaigns.

Richard Watts who previously cordinated the campaign has been promoted to Campaigns Director.

The Children's Food Campaign has been in the press recently about curriculum packs. Lianna Hulbert has done a fantastic job co authoring a report " Through the back door" which shows how some food companies are able to disguise their marketing messages as lesson plans. Lianna has identified how some of these curriculum packs contain misleading or incorrect information. The editorial in the Independent is spot on

I will still be teaching at a primary school one day a week so I will be able to eat my regular school dinner.