Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inspiration and desolation

I had a great time this morning at the School of Social Entrepeneurs in Bethnal Green. I spoke to some students about campaigning techniques we used when we were fighting to improve school food in Merton.

The School is a fantastic resource which aims to equip its students with the skills they need to achieve their goals. It was set up by Michael Young who was a truly inspirational man.

Feeling all inspired I headed back to Morden to deliver a talk to PSHE teachers about the importance of protecting school dinners to help their school meet their "Every Child Matters" targets. Disaster struck when my presentation failed to load. I ended up speaking from memory without my powerpoint with the lovely pictures of firemen and soldiers from the Boer war. You can see the presentation I would have given if you visit my page on e-snips.


Nick Temple said...

Thanks for the mention for SSE Jackie. The students gained a lot of inspiration (and information) from your session, as I'm sure Marcia / Emma have said.

Good to find a fellow blogger as well. The SSE blog has now been going for a fair old while....

Jackie said...

Thanks Nick. I am quite new to blogging and needed lots of encouragement to get started. However I am now really pleased I got started as it has been really useful.

Look forward to coming back to SSE soon.