Sunday, July 3, 2011

High Lawn Primary taking "The Apprentice" approach to school dinners

Here is a Merton primary school dinner I ate last week. I have just been told that High Lawn Primary are setting yr 5 the task of designing a new school dinner menu. Please visit their class blog and give them some ideas and suggestions. I wonder if they know about nutritional standards and the need to balance the menu over a 3 week cycle?

Below is a presentation I have given about the history of school dinners


rmannell said...

I've also seen High Lawn Year 5 has the task of designing a new school dinner menu. It can be a difficult task to make good nutrition choices and balance the menu.
In Australia, children are responsible for their own meals which they bring to school. I'm not aware of schools providing lunches, with the exception of boarding schools.
Thanks for a good blog post and referring people to High Lawn Year 5's task.
Ross Mannell (teacher)

Elena said...

Balance the menu is always frustrating to me.

Online Foods Menus said...

The salad plate is just fantastic & the best part being broccoli.

edit wmv movies said...

I also feels confusion whenever I planned a diet. It is really tough for me to following it. Looking really nice salad.

Hanceyturf said...

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