Sunday, August 29, 2010

Putting the food industry in charge of healthy eating advice

It is shocking to think that Andrew Lansley,the Health Secretary, believes that the food industry are the best people to trust to give families and children healthy eating advice.He has suggested that Food for Life - the healthy eating programme aimed at getting kids and parents to eat less high fat, salt sugar foods- is handed over to industry. His reasoning is that since they seem able to persuade families to spend millions on junk food they do not need they may well be able to "persuade" them to eat fruit and veg. Of course this simplistic approach fails to take into account the conflict of interest. Why on earth would these companies wish the public to eat LESS of their products? Let's look at their track record - many of the companies have fought traffic light labelling tooth and nail and many of them still make misleading claims on their packaging.

You can help the Department of Health see the error of their ways by creating your own Change 4 Life poster. Visit the Children's Food Campaign website now to do it. You can also see a gallery of posters created so far.