Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chefs Adopt a School

In 1990,long before the dreadful state of school food came to public knowledge The Academy of Culinary Arts were concerned about the terrible state of food knowledge in primary schools. Alarmed at the lack of cookery lessons and high levels of ignorance about food and where it came from they set up "Chefs adopt a school". Their members visited schools, showed different foods, demonstrated cooking skills and captured the children's imaginations. They are currently working with 21,000 children every year.

Today they are celebrating their twentieth anniversary with a special cookery session at St Georges School in London. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will be present and their will be a short reception.

They have run a brilliant scheme and deserve credit for their passionate lobbying of government which has seen the return of cooking to the school timetable.

Will take my camera with me and will try to post some pictures of todays celebrations later on.

Any teachers looking for good quality cooking support in primary schools clink on the link in the first para.They run an excellent programme which I think is free to schools.