Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Unbelievable comment from Richmond Council!

Many of you will know Stephanie Woods who is doing a great job campaigning for freshly cooked school meals in the London Borough of Richmond. Just have a look at the email she recieved yesterday from a council employee:

'It seems that you have asked parents to bombard Cllr Eady and I with emails. Please could you pass on the attached message to them all and ask them to refrain from sending us further emails? Many thanks.'

Matthew Paul
Deputy Head of Commissioning, Delivery & Service Improvement
Children's Services & Culture / LB Richmond upon Thames / Regal House / London Road / Twickenham / TW1 3QB

Tel: 020 8891 7588 / Mobile: 07946 890631 / Fax: 020 8891 7714 / Email: / Web:

He then goes on to say that while he agrees with School Food Matters aims the council are unable to provide kitchens in the schools. You can read his comment in full on the School Food Matters website

I am sure that the council would be delighted if troublesome parents like us "refrained" from contacting them but who will speak up for the children? I would like to see the local council "refrain" from ignoring poor quality food in school and ignoring parents.

Local democracy is alive and well in Richmond!


Joy said...

Classic! Thanks for posting this, it needs to be known!