Friday, February 20, 2009

Misleading menu description at Museum of London Docklands restaurant

Last day of half term, Andrew and I spent a great day at the Dockland Museum of London. We went to eat at the restaurant (food great, service truly appalling) and discovered that the claim "kids eat free" was not true. You can see the claim on the website here What they actually mean is that if your child orders from their special "kiddy" menu then they eat free. Since the portions are tiny and not adequate for an 11 year old it means in practise that this special offer is really only for pre school kids.

I know I am sad but it offends my sense of justice and fair play so I have emailed museum and restaurant directly. Watch this space to see what they say.

Please don't let it put you off museum itself - the slavery exhibition was excellent.

News update: I have just heard from Museum of London. They are going to change their signs to point out that this offer only extends to children eating from the children's menu. They believe that their childrens menu offers portions suitable for up to 13 year olds. Middle son and I are going to return to check this out courtesy of the restaurant who have invited us back for a free lunch. Will be keeping an eye on website to check it changes soon. Watch this space!