Monday, November 10, 2008

When things go wrong

Wimbledon Park Primary have had real problems with the state of their kitchen and school dinners recently. Thanks to the persistence of their school bursar and the Head who were not willing to tolerate poor standards the local authority and ISS Caterhouse have taken decisive action. The kitchen will be shut while a deep clean takes place, (school dinners will brought in) and the staffing issues will be addressed.

Although it is disappointing that this has not been picked up earlier I am greatly reassured by the decisive action of both authority and caterers. They have not shirked their responsibilities and acted promptly.

I plan to pop in next week at some point and try a dinner for my self so watch this space

Thanks must go to the school bursar and headteacher who have pursued this. I have no personal connections with Wimbledon Park but I have always been so impressed with the love and respect they show all the children in their care. This extends to caring about the state of their toilets, playground resources and the lunchtime arrangements. Thank you.